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🀩 Thank you for your interest in our SAS Group 🀩

We have had an amazing response for participation in our SAS Group and unfortunately have ran out of spots.
If you would like to be added to our waitlist for the next SAS Group, please fill out the form below and one of our friendly team members will be in contact as soon as we have finalised the dates.


The SAS program is evidence-based group program which supports children to learn about emotion recognition, emotional regulation, problem solving and how others and themselves communicate socially in different environments. The SAS program helps to support individuals with developing their style that will enhance their interactions with others at school, home and in the community.

🌟 Children will learn how to:
  • Recognise emotions in themselves and others;
  • Express their feelings;
  • Cope with feelings of anger and anxiety;
  • Communicate and play with others;
  • Cope with mistakes, transitions and challenges;
  • Build and maintain friendships;
  • Solve social problems;
  • Prevent and manage bulling and teasing and
  • Acknowledge their personal strengths.
🌟 How can Secret Agent Society help my child?

SAS is a fun, espionage-themed group program which helps children learn how to feel happier, calmer and braver. It also teaches them how to make friends! At the end of the SAS program, your junior detective will graduate as a β€˜secret agent’, armed with the social and emotional tools they need to continue their work. SAS is an evidence-based framework combining theories of cognitive function and behaviour change. Multiple research evaluations support the effectiveness of SAS for improving the social and emotional skills of children.

🌟 SAS Program Components

SAS is an evidence-based framework combining theories of cognitive function and behaviour change. Multiple research evaluations support the effectiveness of SAS for improving the social and emotional skills of children.

Combining family and facilitator resources, the content and program structure is accessed through an intuitive and engaging software package that streamlines program delivery and participation for all child and adult participants in face-to-face or telehealth sessions and between session activities.

🌟What does SAS Group consist of?

βœ…Child Group Sessions: delivered over 9 consecutive weeks for 90 minutes, plus 2-4 booster sessions over the following 6 months.

βœ…Parent Group Sessions: commence with a 2-hour parent information session, followed by 9 parent group meetings of 30 minutes which immediately follows the conclusion of each weekly child group meeting. Parent group meetings are held throughout the program to advise and support parents on the content of child group meetings and how to help their children apply their SAS skills in real life. It is optimal if parents have the opportunity for networking and facilitated discussion on the successes and challenges, they have faced in supporting their children to use their newly learnt skills. Parent meetings are typically held after each child meeting and without children present.

βœ…Missions and Mission Journal: between each child group meeting, children participate in weekly tasks, including playing 4 levels of online gamified learning, skills practice activities in day-to-day life and completion of a reflection journal.

βœ…Skill Tracker System: a short-term daily motivation tool is used to encourage children to practice specific skills at home and school, aligned with progression through each module of the program.

βœ…Assessment Measures: a combination of questionnaire booklets, an observational assessment tool, computer game performance and Skill Tracker progress, provide valuable information to guide areas of focus for each individual child as well as providing easy and comprehensive outcome reporting.

βœ…SAS Digital Headquarters: the online gateway for children to access their club meeting activities, four levels of gamified learning, digital gadget pack, a Mission Journal for self-reflection on real life practice tasks, a multi-user Skill Tracker system, and other tools. Watch the game trailer!

🌟 SAS Program Schedule:

The group meetings will commence on TBC from 4 to 6pm and run for 9 consecutive weeks each Tuesday at the same time. A 2 hour introductory, parents-only will need to be coordinated before the first group session.

The booster sessions will be organised by the end of the 9 weekly sessions, if necessary.


The program is most suitable for children:

  • Aged 8 to 12 years old
  • With typically developing language skills
  • Who could benefit from support understanding emotions and connecting with others

The total program cost is $2,300 which includes all sessions, information and materials. NDIS funding or private paying options available. Check with your private health if they offer a rebate.

*Cost is subject to change for next SAS Group.


50% payment is due upfront to secure your child’s place in the group with the remaining balance payable by the end of the first week.


The sessions will be delivered in person at our Warners Bay Clinic and will occur every Tuesday for 9 consecutive weeks.

A 2 hour parent session occurs before the group commences. Parents must attend this for participation in the course.

There are child and parent sessions, parent sessions are to be run straight after the child session each week.


To register your interest for the next SAS group, please fill out the waitlist form below or get in touch with us on:

πŸ“ž 49549333

Once we have finalised dates for our next SAS Group one of our friendly team members will be in contact with you.



For more information on SAS, please click on the following link – or watch the video below πŸ‘‡



May 13 2022


EOI - New Date TBC
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm




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