Firstly, it is very common and completely normal for people, particularly children, to be anxious about meeting a Psychologist. They don’t know what to expect and may be concerned they are ‘in trouble’, ‘bad’ or have something ‘wrong’ with them. It can be really helpful to explain that visiting a Psychologist is like visiting a doctor for your physical health; a Psychologist can help with our thoughts, feelings and the way we do things. We see lots of children for all sorts of reasons, some with quite complex concerns, some that just need a ‘check-up’ and some that just need some support to develop their skills in a certain area.

We often find that after their first visit/session, children actually start to look forward to sessions as they like having a safe place where they can be themselves, work on things that may be bothering them and talk about things they may find difficult. Our clinics are designed with children and families in mind, with bright and beautiful spaces that often captivate children.