The start of what we hope to be a wonderful and impactful journey for Beam. Today is the first day of life for our exciting organisation, which is fundamentally dedicated and set up to assisting children, young people and families to live a mentally healthy, happy and bright life.

Today marks the launch of Beam to the world. We have been very careful and deliberate in setting up our services. We have taken time to make sure all the little things are in place and we are fully equipped to provide high quality support from the get go. Our people have been working hard recently to align their practice to the Beam way. We have also been fine-tuning all the key elements of our services to ensure your journey with us is all that you could hope for.

We are very eager and well prepared for the path ahead as we embark on our aim to brighten the lives of children and young people. Doing this also involves helping the wonderful families, carers and other significant people in their lives. It is not an easy job to look after children and young adults at the best of times, and even more challenging when your child or young adult is experiencing difficulties of some kind. Sometimes helpful advice and support from people that dedicate their existence to this type of work is all that is needed to turn things around.

We look forward to learning about you and helping where we can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at

Mat McGovern


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