Occupational therapy assessments come in various forms, all focusing on evaluating and understanding your child’s ability to engage in everyday activities at home, school, and within the community. These Occupational therapy assessments might include observing how your child gets ready in the morning, completes classroom tasks, or manages shopping errands. We work with you to tailor an assessment specific to your child’s needs.

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What Occupational Therapy Assessments can the Beam Health Team Conduct?

The Occupational Therapists at Beam Health are trained to conduct a wide range of occupational therapy assessments tailored to your child’s unique needs. During your initial appointment, we will work with you to determine the most suitable assessment for your child, whether it’s a general evaluation or a specific one recommended to you. Let’s explore these occupational therapy assessments further:

Functional Capacity Assessment

Have you received a request from your child’s NDIS planner for a Functional Capacity Assessment? This assessment reviews your child’s independent living skills, such as self-care, domestic tasks, social activities, community involvement, and school/work-based tasks. It identifies underlying skills contributing to challenges and includes specific recommendations to support your child at home, school, and in the community, as well as necessary support for their NDIS plan.

Comprehensive/Developmental Assessment

Has your GP or paediatrician recommended an OT assessment? Our comprehensive assessments are tailored to your child’s needs and concerns, identifying impacts on development and day-to-day activities. These occupational therapy assessments help determine if your child is developing at an age-appropriate level and consider supports to assist their development.

Motor Assessment

How does your child perform with tasks like jumping, hopping, catching a ball, playing with LEGO, or fastening buttons? Our Motor Skill Assessments evaluate gross and fine motor skills to pinpoint challenges affecting self-care, daily living activities, school readiness, and sports.

Handwriting Assessment

How does your child handle writing their name, the alphabet, or keeping up with schoolwork? Our Handwriting Assessments identify specific handwriting challenges and recommend adaptations and considerations for the classroom and formal assessments.

Visual Perceptual Assessment

Does your child struggle with reading and writing tasks, completing puzzles, or finding their belongings? Our Visual Perceptual Assessments identify underlying challenges affecting these tasks and provide specific recommendations to support your child.

Executive Function Assessment

How does your child manage remembering school activities, organizing belongings, attending to tasks, or problem-solving? This assessment reviews each executive function skill and how differences impact day-to-day tasks, providing specific recommendations for support.

Sensory Processing Assessment

Is your child always “on the go,” or do they react strongly to bright lights, loud noises, different food textures, or clothing? We screen for sensory processing differences in initial assessments and can conduct formal assessments to understand sensory preferences and how they impact daily tasks. We can also complete sensory profile assessments if recommended by another health professional.

Play Assessments

How does your child play and interact with peers and toys? Our Play Assessments evaluate play skills to understand their level of play and peer engagement.

Housing Assessment

Have you been asked for a SIL (Supported Independent Living), SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation), or ILO (Individualised Living Options) assessment? These occupational therapy assessments review independent living skills to determine the level of support needed at home and the best housing option for your child, supporting changes to your NDIS plan.

How do I know what assessment my child needs?

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You might have received a recommendation from an NDIS planner, teacher, health professional, or a family member. If you’re unsure, our Occupational Therapists will work with you during the first appointment to determine the most appropriate assessment.

Please note, as Occupational Therapists, we cannot make diagnoses from assessment results. If you’re seeking a diagnosis, we can complete the assessment and provide the results and a report to your child’s treating health professional. If recommended for an OT assessment, we are here to guide you.

Specialised Occupational Therapists can also complete assessments for home modifications, assistive technology, and driving skills. While Beam Health cannot perform these specific Occupational therapy assessments, our team can recommend suitable services for you.

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