Tuning In for Mental Health

World Mental Health Day has just passed on October 10th.  In N.S.W., Victoria, and the A.C.T. the entire month of October is actually Mental Health Month! The theme for [...]

Unpacking Speech Pathology Jargon

Speech pathologists often use a lot of special terms to describe what we do, and we also use a lot of abbreviations which can sometimes get confusing too. If [...]

Anxiety in the household

Anxiety is something that we all experience from time to time. When we go for a job interview or take an exam, most of us will experience some form [...]

What does a Speech Pathologist do?

When most people think about Speech Pathology they probably think of someone who helps people with a stutter, a lisp or a child who may be a ‘late talker’. [...]

Self care during coronavirus

As a community we are currently faced with more uncertainty regarding not only our own health and well being, but also that of our family and friends than what [...]

What is my child’s behaviour telling me?

One of the many challenges of parenting involves managing difficult behaviours, and in the face of those behaviours, knowing what to do or how to respond. By slowing down [...]

Little tips for big school

As the new year starts, there is excitement and anticipation among many 4-5 year old’s who are starting school. The transition to “big school” from preschool, playgroups or time [...]

Bullying: supporting your child

Research has found that one in four (27%) Australian students reported being bullied (Cross et al., 2009). When parents find out that, or suspect that their child is being [...]

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