Are they really ok?

Did you know that an estimated that one in five Australians suffer from a mental health disorder? That is a quite large 20% or approximately 4.8 million Australians that [...]

Self-Compassion: Am I Doing Ok?

R U OK Day 2021 on the 9th September 2021 is a very important day that encourages us to check in with those around us and check that they [...]

Communication Disability: The Hidden Disability

To celebrate Speech Pathology Week 2021: Communication is a Basic Right, the Speech Pathology team at Beam explores Communication Disability, the functional impact of this disorder, and what we [...]

Using Your Senses to Stress Down

Research shows that 90% of Australians feel stressed - with 74% of people reporting being stressed from work. Add to that the challenges of parenthood; unfortunately, our children don’t [...]

The Importance of Play for Children

Play is defined simply as an activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation, especially by children. It is essential that children be given time to engage in play and [...]

Study Without Stress

As the 2021 school year begins, some young people’s minds may be already turning to what lies in store. Especially those young people in their final years of education. [...]

Little Tips for Big School

As the new year starts, there is excitement and anticipation among many 4–5-year old’s who are starting school. The transition to “big school” from preschool, playgroups or time at [...]

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