Celebrating parents and podcasts

Today is Global Day of Parents and we mark the occasion by paying our respects to parents all around the world for their selfless commitment to children and share [...]

Human connection is vital!

When you think of connecting with others, what do you imagine? Registered Psychologist Saskia Behan unpacks the meaning and value of human connection, as well as some tips for [...]

Being social is hard, but so good for us!

Friendships and social interactions can take many forms and can be hard at times. Across the board, social interaction is identified as an important factor in predicting physical and [...]

Navigating the HSC: Minimising Stress

Study stressing you or your loved one out? You’re not alone. Many young people experience high levels of stress and anxiety during their final years of high school. Registered [...]

Tips to support your teen in Year 11 and 12

Recent research suggests that up to 40% of HSC students experience clinical levels of stress during their senior years of high school. The report suggests that the main sources [...]

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