Mariza qualified as an Occupational Therapist in South Africa in 2000, whereafter she lived and worked in England in a variety of clinical settings with children and adults. Since 2012, Mariza has focused her work on helping children overcome the challenges they have to participate in the activities that are important to them, whether these are rooted in sensory, motor, or self-regulation difficulties. Mariza also has a specialist interest in working with children who are twice exceptional, in other words they have the unique profile of being gifted, together with having a disability. In January 2024, Mariza’s book “Occupational Therapy for Children with DME or Twice Exceptionality” was published by Routledge.

Mariza moved to Australia with her family in 2022.  She enjoys spending time with them exploring the country’s natural beauty, learning all about its rich and vibrant culture, and settling into the Australian way of life.

Mariza believes that, through her work and as part of the dynamic team at Beam Health, she can change the world one child at a time!